por que cada vez hay mas mujeres bisexuales

A Skirt Club is a sex club only for women who consider themselves more or less heterosexual – some are even married and come with the knowledge and consent of their partners – but they are curious and want to try. It is a place where women can feel liberated enough to explore their sexuality.

There is a dress code or dress code to be able to participate and you do not need to be prepared from home. At the entrance they are provided with corsets, garter belts, stockings, heels and party dresses in cabaret style.

Can you imagine going to a club just for women?

It’s about the Skirt Club, private events for women only. In them sex is practiced, new tendencies are learned to be put into practice as a couple – or group – and erotic games are put into practice. These clubs are becoming popular in Europe and the United States, with delegations in cities such as New York, London, Paris and Berlin.

The organizers of this type of parties say that they are events for curious women, sexually open and who want to discover more about sexuality. Sex is explored from several points of view during these parties, which start with a toast and tasting of canap├ęs followed by a burlesque show. Once the environment is warmed up, we move on to the exploration of sexuality.

por que cada vez hay mas mujeres bisexuales

Lingerie, corsets and the art of undressing little by little, following a ritual, are part of these parties. Each of your guests must be a member of the club, and when attending the parties, it must be clear that sex will always end. Of course, each one is free to choose whether to practice it or not. Observing how other people do it is another way to learn more about female sexuality, as the creators comment.

The popularity of these parties, which are attended by lesbian, heterosexual and bisexual women, is causing new Skirt Clubs to be born in other European cities. The age profile is varied, but above all they are women between 20 and 50 years old with a lot of desire to try new things in sex.

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