lesbian erotic sex

They are not heterosexual: all women are bisexual or lesbian, according to a study

The mythical masculine sexual fantasy of seeing two women practicing sex together or riding a trio with two females, could be quite more feasible than they think. Only that in the case of the second they will have to stay outside. They prefer to have sexual relations between them.

At least that’s what a new study from the University of Essex says, according to which all females are lesbians or bisexuals, but never ‘heteros’. To reach this surprising conclusion, the team of researchers, led by Dr. Gerulf Rieger, monitored 345 women while watching videos of naked men and women. What they liked and excited is clearly away from what one might think.

Excited with their peers

During the viewing of the images, the researchers measured the sensations of the participants, such as dilation of their pupils or genital arousal. As expected, the women who called themselves lesbians showed strong physical responses with the videos of two women having sex and no reaction when a man intervened at the scene.

But what really surprised them is that those who identified themselves as heterosexual showed the same sexual excitement when seeing images starred by women than in those in which men appeared.

The authors of the study ventured to ensure, with these results in hand, that when it comes to a physical response to sex, women are either lesbian or bisexual.

lesbian erotic sex

However, these conclusions are supported by previous studies and surveys that have already found that women are excited to observe other women practicing sex, almost more than if a good alpha male intervenes. According to a study conducted by the magazine ‘Marie Claire’, there is a great diversification in the pornographic content that women consume on the internet. After analyzing the responses of 3,000 women found that only 63% of them seek heterosexual relationships while 44% opted for lesbian sex.

Of Venus and Mars?

Unlike other studies, for the one made at the British university participants were asked to identify their sexuality previously, as well as if they had ever felt attracted to a person of the same sex or had experienced some sexual activity with a couple.

According to the data collected, women were three times more open to the possibility of changing their sexual label at some point in their lives than men and were more likely to define themselves as bisexual than they were.

Nor is it so much and even Rieger knows: “Numerous studies have previously stated that excitement and sexuality is much more complicated for women than for men,” explains the doctor, who reports that his research was based on the idea already demonstrated that women tend to show physical responses to all genders while men respond only to one, being an exception the case of bisexuals who are attracted and encouraged to both sexes.

“What had been overlooked is the fact that this is only true for heterosexual women. Lesbians, on the other hand, only show signs of excitement when they see other women, “explains Dr. Rieger in ‘Yahoo Health’. And, they found, they are not the only ones.

The goal of Rieger and his team was to observe new connections between lesbians and heterosexual men, but along the way they found that most women responded to the same sexual stimuli as they did.

“And what if ‘straight’ women have no emotional interest with people of the opposite sex? It is something totally normal. What happens is that the minds of a large number of women are disconnected from what happens in the lower part of their body, “says Rieger, who, sure of the conclusions of the study he directs, comments that” if a woman tells me which is ‘hetero’ I’m not going to discredit it, although I’m sure it is not.”

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