How can we know if we are bisexual?

Surely you’ve ever heard that “we’re all bisexual.” But what is bisexuality? How do we know if we are bisexual? Is it something natural or depends on the environment, society or the historical moment in which we live?

Before solving all your doubts, you should know the basics: what is bisexuality? Although today (and luckily) is something so standardized that hardly requires explanation, it is good to clarify some common issues. Bisexuality is simply a sexual orientation that manifests itself when our desires can be directed to both male and female sex.

That we speak now of bisexuality does not mean that it has not always existed. In fact, there is evidence that in civilizations as powerful as the Greek or the Roman, being bisexual was widely accepted. Therefore, bisexuality is not something new. Accompanies the human being since its inception.

Surely you’ve ever heard that, in fact, we’re all bisexual. Only we repress half of our desires for the demands of the script. In our interior we have male and female parts, so the balance in harmony is to be bisexual.

Another thing is how we feel inside and how we express our desires, what gender we feel closest to and who we would choose as a couple.

So, if we are attracted to a person of the same sex, are we bisexual? The answer is no. Sexual practices, even if they are with a person of the same gender, do not imply that the person feels homosexual or bisexual if he is maintaining relations with both sexes.

There are people who like to have sex without connecting with their affections and want only a physical discharge, regardless of whether it is male or female. Each person is different.

The important thing is not to be limited by what is culturally expected, or by fear of rejection, of ideas about what is natural or not. In adolescent stages, sometimes one gambles to experiment and to know itself, and it does not imply later to be bisexual or homosexual.

How to know if we are bisexual?

There is no golden rule to know if you are bisexual, because in reality, one can maintain relationships or be attracted to a person of the same sex, at a certain time, and not consider himself bisexual.

It is something that happens without effort and is expressed physically through the attraction and desire to be with another person, whether of the same sex or the opposite sex. Sometimes it can be just fantasies and not wanting to maintain a physical relationship. At other times you can feel attraction and desire to be with people of the same sex, but nevertheless maintain relationships with the opposite sex. You can even fall in love with someone of the same sex and have had previous partners of the other sex.

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