Five useful tips to get female pleasure, explained by a bisexual woman

Lesbian sex is one of the eternal male sexual fantasies. The simple idea of ​​imagining two women giving each other pleasure, caressing each other, kissing each other, licking each other … in short, practicing sex, drives many heterosexual men crazy. In fact, there are few who do not consume or have consumed pornographic content in which two females practice sex explicitly. So far so good, but do you really notice where and how you touch to get excited?

As sentence in ‘Men’s Health’ Kate F. Moore, “the truth is that men can learn a lot from a woman with tits who loves tits.” Based on this idea, the author has collected the experiences of a woman who declares herself bisexual as teachings for heterosexual men.

“We share a common interest: we like to have sex with women. As someone who has been on both sides of the equation, I feel perfectly positioned to do both men and women a favor and offer a series of steps to do a good job and radiate joy in general, “says the counselor.

1. There are no instructions to get orgasm

“I know it’s crap. I would love for there to be a set of clear and infallible instructions that guarantee the orgasm of the ladies. We would all love it. But they simply do not exist, “confesses the instructor.

Each woman, like each female body, is a world and it would be absurd to think that there is a button of pleasure that activates all equally. “This means that you’re going to have to do two things: ask her what she likes and pay attention to her reactions when you try something,” she says. It takes time and patience – or a kind of primitive – for sex to be really good: “Do you know why homosexual women have sex once and then end up dating until they are 75 years old? It’s because they spend all that time learning how to reach each other to the other climax as if it were the ninth symphony of Beethoven, “he jokes.

2. Watch porn yes, but do not move like in it

Most of the porn does not show how two real people enjoy in bed, but rather focuses on enjoying someone outside the scene: the viewer, usually the male. “Most women are not crazy because they are mechanically hammered with a cock while paying zero attention to their clitoris. The same happens with positions in which your spine is endangered, raised in the air or your face just crushed against the sheets, “dares to assure the counselor.

It also reminds men, however surprising and pleasing it may seem in pornographic scenes, never ejaculate in a woman’s face unless specifically requested. And even with those, she recommends asking some questions to make sure she is prepared and really wants to. Given the case, it is appreciated that they bother not to point their eyes.

3. Increase your relationship with her tits

The guide starts from the basis that “the breasts are the best” and focuses its words on praising its aesthetic and morphological characteristics, always fun and pleasurable. “However, tits are not mere soft magical objects that are there for you to touch: they are devices for the administration of pleasure,” he continues.

That is, the important thing is not to touch them but the way they touch. And to learn how to do it well and to really act as a sexual stimulant, there are a couple of things that should be clear:

– As much as you watch it in porn, you do not love them. “In the same way you would not like them to greet your balls with a handshake,” the instructor compares, “she thinks it’s a pretty sensitive women’s area.”

– They are not horns. Do not insinuate or say ‘mec mec!’ when you tighten them That you’re having sex not playing with a baby.

The author takes up the issue of porn to explain that although in these productions many times the stimulation of the breasts is obviated and are mere objects to observe, in real life touching them properly always translates into a ‘win-win’: “The woman He gets excited and becomes more active, which warms the environment more and everyone wins. “

Of course, we must bear in mind that the nipples are more sensitive than the rest of the chest so you have to caress them with care. As, for example, “spiraling inward from the breast going from less sensitive areas to the nipples and let the sensations accumulate.”


4. Your penis is not the only protagonist

In general, heterosexual men (and a large part of homosexuals) have internalized the idea that sex as such begins when the penis enters -never better said- into the scene. “Most assume lesbian and bisexual women think the same, in part because in many porn movies lesbians are shown tying straps with phalluses,” explains the author, who regrets spoiling the widespread belief that the virile member is the protagonist with a clear message: “I have had complete relationships with women in which we have not used any special toy or penetration of any kind.”

The stimulation of the clitoris, the breasts and many other female erogenous zones can lead to a much more intense pleasure than that obtained during intercourse. The problem is that many men assume that all this is part of the preliminaries, phase that radically separate from the penetration itself. “Games do not have to be something prior, sex is a continuity. You can not take each thing separately and wait for the moment to shoot. Your cock is a layer of the pie, not the whole pie “, sums up.

5. Always tell him how much you like him

Both on a daily basis and during sex, compliments and compliments are great allies for a woman to feel sexy and powerful, and bring these feelings to bedding. “You just have to be honest and say something nice every time you see those little things that make you crazy about her,” she advises.

“This not only adds a point during sex, it’s a point of life. It is the one that really is worth because, whatever happens, you will get that woman smile every time she thinks of you. She will walk a little more upright, her cheeks flushed and she will have an inner glow that will make her feel as if she could do almost anything. And your new partner, if you ever need one again, will have the most absolute hatred, “stresses the governess of lovers.

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