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10 questions to ask yourself if you think that maybe your heterosexuality is closer to bisexuality, if you answer mostly yes.

1) Have you ever had sex with someone of your same sex?

2) Would you do a threesome in which there was a person of the same sex and another of the opposite sex?

3) Have you seen both gay and straight porn?

4) In more than one occasion have you fantasized about having sex with someone of your same sex and has the idea excited you, even if you have a heterosexual partner?

5) Could you be attracted to any person, be it man or woman?

bisexual 1

6) Would you participate in an orgy even if there were people of the same sex?

7) Have you surprised yourself by looking at a person of your same sex on the street because you thought it was attractive?

8) Are you equally excited when you see naked men or women, whether on television, on a nude beach or in the gym?

9) When you masturbate do you have fantasies with both men and women?

10) Although you are clear that you are attracted to people of the other sex, are you curious to have a truly homosexual experience, beyond fantasy?

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